ENGLISH CONVERSATION B2/C1 - Practice makes perfect  (aktuell nicht im Programm)

English Conversation B2/C1 – Practice makes perfect


Upgrade your communication skills' toolbox through practising speaking, listening, persuading, negotiating.

Be it small talk, presenting a new idea, being assertive in various situations; it's all part of the communication landscape.

Maintaining your fluency, in English, takes time, effort and is worth it. TED talks and YouTube clips are used as input.

Join us in lively conversations; conversations to go, conversations to keep, conversations to look forward to.

Vorkenntnisse: gute Englischkenntnisse auf Niveaustufe B1/B2
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27.06.2024 - 25.07.2024 (5-mal) 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr,
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56,00 € Gebühr (Kleingruppe)